Websites and Studies that Rate Offset Providers and Standards

We do not evaluate or rate offset providers. But there are many other organizations that have done so included in the list below.

Evaluating offset providers is very difficult. Evaluation would require project by project in-depth review for  an accurate assessment. Several studies provide a review and/or rating of offset providers. We cannot assure the quality of any of these studies individually nor do we provide any recommendations of one offset provider over another. We encourage you to carefully review the parameters that each of these studies has used to rate and rank the offset providers. You might or might not agree with their choices. The websites are listed alphabetically. The studies are listed by date, starting with the most recent.

If you know of other similar studies, please let us know, we would be happy to list them. Please contact

Please also read the sections What Makes Good Offsets? and Are Offset a Scam?
For a comprehensive list of offset providers, go here.


Carbon Catalog

Carbon Catalog is a website with a directory of carbon offsets, listing and rating 100 offset providers and 394 projects worldwide. Carbon Catalog is an independent service. The listings and ratings follow transparent guidelines. Carbon Catalog does not sell offsets or have commercial relationships with providers. Carbon Catalog was founded by Gideon Greenspan and launched in September 2007.

My Offset Options

Lists carbon offset providers and their products. It has been created by an Australian company.


Purchasing Carbon Offsets, David Suzuki Foundation, 2009

The David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute have prepared this guide to help Canadian consumers, businesses and organizations assess the quality of carbon offsets and the vendors that sell them. It includes a survey of 20 carbon offset vendors from Canada and around the world to help shed light on how these vendors are performing.

The ENDS Guide to Carbon Offsets 2009

This Guide includes a comprehensive listing and rating of over 170 offset providers. It has to be purchased for £75.

Responsible Purchasing Guide – Carbon Offsets

published by Responsible Purchasing Network and General overview of how to conduct an invenotry and purchase offsets. Includes links to RFPs for the solicitation of bids for the purchase of offset credits.

Australian Carbon Offset Watch, September 2008

Carbon Offset Watch 2008 Assessment Report by C. Riedy and A. Atherton, The Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology

Forestry Carbon Standards 2008

A comparison of the 4 leading forestry standards in voluntary carbon market and the state of climate forestation projects. The 4 standards included are: Verified Carbon Standard’s (VCS) AFOLU program, the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS), CarbonFix Standard (CFS) and the Plan Vivo Systems and Standard.

Voluntary Carbon Markets: A Business Guide to What They Are and How They Work. March 2007

This is a general book on the voluntary market and does not include ratings of offset providers. By Ricardo Bayon, Director; Amanda Hawn, Editor; and Katherine Hamilton, Carbon Projects Manager; of the Ecosystem Marketplace.